LLVM Demystified: A Hands-On Workshop for HPC Developers

We cordially invite you to the first LLVM for HPC practitioners workshop organized by Saarland University. This hands-on workshop will take place at Frankfurt University, Campus Westend on May 16, 9:00 - 18:00.

Register here:

Optimizing compilers contribute significantly to the technological advances of the past decades that grew integral to today’s HPC landscape: from auto-vectorization, via GPU support to the just-in-time compilation of machine learning models. The LLVM compiler framework sits at the core of many of these technologies. This course is for HPC software developers with experience in C++ who want to add LLVM to their toolbelt. We will take a pragmatic, hands-on approach to getting you up to speed and address ‘obvious’ questions, such as:

  • Integration: How to integrate LLVM into your project (or your project into LLVM).
  • Building: Supported build configurations of LLVM. Best practices.
  • Common pitfalls: Common build errors, API mistakes.
  • Engaging with the community: I found a bug or added a feature in LLVM, what do I do? How and where do I get in touch with the community?
  • Design: What is Single-Static-Assignment (SSA) form (and why again do we use it)?
  • Coding: Best ways to generate IR, debugging facilities in LLVM, …
  • ..this other question I couldn’t find an answer for online

We will go through the material together, so bring your laptop. More details (eg link to a docker image) will be provided in the days before the workshop.

Organizers: Simon Moll, Joachim Meyer